Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday!

So , I guess I am on a little scarf kick these past two weeks :) I got a new pair of size 35 (yes, 35) knitting needles and made the scarf below.  It felt like toy needles LOL!  Worked up really fast though!  The pic does NOT do it justice.  It is a soft, lacy, vibrant scarf that begs to be touched! YUM!

I might keep this one, or add it to my Christmas gift list, or even GIVE IT AWAY on my blog!!!  Not sure yet.  What do you think I should do?

Size 35 knitting needles
2 skeins boucle (I used parfait)
1 skein misc yarn - it was fancy, but not sure what it was (I used orange)
Cast on 15 stitches (I use the 2 needle method)
Knit stitch all the way
Weave in ends

Tata for now!
much love


gabyangel said...

Giveaway on your blog!!!!

Mariam Satchell said...

Will do that for the next challenge, I think! :)