Sunday, April 18, 2010

My first paper flowers pin!!!

Hi everyone!  I was so enthralled by all these 3-D flowers that kept popping up everywhere that I HAD to try one!!!!!  I saw various tutorials and came up with something that was a mix of them :)

I cut 10 scallop circles on my cricut using double sided paper.
I then placed them on top of each other, offsetting the scallops.
Using my hole punch, I punched two holes through the center of the entire pile.
I threaded ribbon through them and brought it out on the back of the flower.
Tied the ribbon to a hair pin.
Trimmed the ribbon and burned the ends to keep them from fraying.
Starting with the top scallop, I scrunched all the way around it so it was a small ball of paper.
I did the same with all the layers.  The bottom few layers do not get so scrunched up so if you like you can use a skewer to curl the edges of the scallops....  I just scrunched :)

TADA!  The flower is done!