Monday, March 21, 2011

Long Time No Post...

Hi everyone!
Boy, oh boy!  Has it really been THAT long since I posted???

Work has been SUPER DUPER busy and we are in the middle of moving to hubby's grandma's place on the water in Annapolis!!!!!!  My scrap space is now split between two places!  I do have a whole craft room to myself that I will show you in a couple of weeks.  The walls are guess what color?!  Purple!

Hubby is so sweet, he let me pick paint colors! (I am SO SICK of white walls!!!)  Our bedroom is a nice deep vintage merlot :)

I have a few projects in the works to show all of you too!  Hopefully all will be back to normal once we have moved!!

I have missed you all!
much love


Michele said...

Fun!! A purple room! Anxious to see that and your creations. Good luck with the rest of your move. (I don't envy you though)

Krystal said...

Hey Mariam!

I gave you a blog award. Please come to my blog to check it out!!! :)